Sometimes, things just need to be reduced to their simplistic elements.


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Silhouettes in the Sunset

Driving towards the beach I figured This is Florida. Sunset’s on the beach or intercoastal waterway is always nice. I didn’t make it quite as far as the beach.  There is a small park on the way to the beach that I figured I’d stop at. There is, after all, a unique looking small bridge.  As I circled the park searching for a parking space, I saw a Great Blue Heron standing on the sea wall.  The sun began to sink lower in the sky, turning from a bright yellow to a soft orange. The haze from a brush fire blowing in from the Okefanokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia gave a unique glow in the sky. Being that I only have an 18-55mm lens for my camera, any wildlife photography is rather difficult and tries my patience. In order to get a good shot, I had to creep up slowly, step-by-step, moving directly towards the bird when it was looking away. I was able to get within 20 feet (more or less) and get a couple shots.


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A Mother’s Care

Today was different. I didn’t scramble trying to get a photo before sunset for once.  Today at lunch I went across the street from my job where there is a boardwalk around several man-made lakes. Off to the side, semi-protected from the boardwalk were Common Moorhens and their chicks.  All I could here was *peep*peep*peep* from the hungry little fuzzballs as they waded through the water searching for tiny morsels of food.  Every so often, one of the mothers would help a baby with a little beak to beak feeding. So, though the photo was done early for once, the editing had to wait until after I got home. But, here it is….

Mother's Care

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