A small shelter

It’s not exactly what I was hoping for tonight, as I was hoping the street light right behind this gazebo would turn on and give a soft glow from the back, it didn’t happen soon enough. I was able to get a few nice shots in the dusk, with slowly dwindling light. After a little editing, I think I have an image that may become a nice desktop wallpaper for my computer. It’s a bit of an artistic attempt on my part. I like it and I hope you find it beautiful too.


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Two in a Million

One thing Tampa Bay is known for is some serious thunder/lightning storms.  The cool sea breezes hitting the warm afternoon air mass over the land generates large, but also quick moving storms and torrential rain.  They can be quite beautiful. The only problem is, after they are over, the humidity is awful. I came home from a day out (trying to stay as dry as I could) and walked into my house. Now, I’m not one that likes to garden. Frankly, I’d probably kill a potted silk flower. But there are a few plants that mysteriously survive despite my ignoring them. One such plant was able to cup a few droplets of water. Unfortunately, as I was setting up my camera with mini-tripod onto a stable platform to take some macro shots of that drop, I got too close and knocked int off that leaf. DOH! So, shifting to another leaf I was able to get these shots.


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Sun sets over new growth

Spring is such a renewed time of year. The birds sing more energetically. The trees turn a renewed green. And flowers you never new you had start to grow in places you never thought they would. Go figure. At least it means I don’t lose photo taking time to gardening. And, if the sun is in the right place, you can see something quite wonderful.


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Day late & a doller short

Ok, so yesterday was Mother’s Day. and instead of something mother-y I posted a couple photos of discarded snakeskin. My bad. Today is the pretty post that should have been yesterday. Some pink roses. Now, these were not just a simple point & shot object to photograph. Of course, the background kept getting in the way. No matter how i placed a piece of fabric on the table, it just wasn’t quite big enough to cover all of the table for the shot. Then I had a bit of a white screen (from a table-top light box), but then I was trying to hold the screen in the back while simultaneously taking the picture.  Yeah, that didn’t work to well either. However, mostly by accident in trying to get SOMETHING, the camera went off, at an angle I hadn’t completely anticipated. And of all the shots I tried, pointing the camera in different ways, down onto the flowers, up from beneath, through the stems to the flowers in the back, the first, nearly random shot I took I felt to be the best. So, enjoy.

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Tranquil Reflections

Not much of a story behind this one. The library near my home has  a lake behind it and was able to catch the sun sinking lower in the sky reflecting off the lake.

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Day 1 of 365

Don’t worry. I’m not going to count down every day of these posts. Hopefully.  So, I was worried waking up this morning, wondering what I would be doing or where I’d be going to find something interesting. And of course, it was some place I didn’t expect to find anything. But sitting in the car waiting for my wife, bored because nothing good was on the radio, I look to my left and there is this flowering tree (complete with bees). So I get out of the car, take a few pictures, and here it is. The first photo of the day:

Check back tomorrow to see what I stumble upon next.

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